We sell to Restaurants, Churches, Individuals, Architects, Designers, Night Clubs, Bowling Alleys, Dr. Office’s,and You.
We offer a large selection of Custom Booths/Banquettes, L’s, and U’s as well as Tables, Chairs, and Stools.

Our clients include Alley Cats, The Navy, Gas Monkey Bar and Grille,Starwood Diner, W Hotel, Kentucky Derby, Putt Putt, and lots of residential homes, condos, and apartments
We are a commercial grade, Made in the USA, furniture authority since 1951. Together, we can design a custom focal point that fits your space, that your friends will envy. We use hard woods & plywoods(no particle board), USA made spring steel, USA cotton, foam, & comfort cushion.
Call Me! I’m Tony Duran a Co-Owner of Boothsforu.com and Nostalgia Warehouse. I personally will be working with commercial or residential clients. I am the booth expert and I will be happy to answer any and all questions.
I will be happy to send out free material samples.


Booths are built to order. We only keep samples stock.
Allow 4-6 weeks to ship depending on style, quantity, and our work load. We are Never Late!
All our products are highest commercial quality. Our booths are built in Texas and have been since 1951.
Ask about a quantity discounts.
Have a question? We are Booth experts:(817) 572-5012 or email