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You bet! We will work with you or your designer to deliver the look you want and the size.
Go to our index and click on a booth and a larger photo will appear, scroll to the bottom to find dimensions that will help you in laying out your floors seating plan.
CONSTRUCTION Our booths are made of hardwoods and top quality USA mad materials.

No Chines Cheese here!

Standard Seats are made from 32 oz. cotton, thick 1-1/4″ high density foam, USA Dura Flex and Flex-O-Lator and 22″ metal linked No-Sag springs. Premium Seats are made the same as standard seats, but with a thicker 2″ high density foam.

Picture 018.jpg (369426 bytes) seatspring1.JPG (2576291 bytes)
A solid wood frame is were it all begins Next we add Spring steel
boothseat1.JPG (2606724 bytes) wallbench1.JPG (2971198 bytes)
This is the Comfort Cushion installed This is a Wall Bench
cornerbooth1.JPG (2634566 bytes) wallbenchback.JPG (3036779 bytes)
This is a 1/2 Circle’s Beginnings. Look Mom No particle board This is the above Wall Bench going against a wall. For a little more we can cover it.
deuce.JPG (2383664 bytes) Picture 016.jpg (389111 bytes)
Single Deuce                                        Built Special for a Home Owner Above fully covered back and sides / Below uncovered back and 1 side goes against a wall
Picture 017.jpg (406450 bytes) Dusty “Dunhil”l Channel Back “L”
Floor Layout Information Guide (Maximum Centers and Table Sizes):These dimensions are standards in restaurants. However we can build to custom dimensions for commercial or residential use. Standard heights are 36″ & 42″.

Custom “L’s”  are to your specs.

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A: 43″
B, D and F: 7′-4″
C and K: 6′-2″
G: 42 x 42
H and K: 30 x 42
J: 30 x 42
L and M: 24 x 42