Do you sell to individuals?

Yes we specialize in one off customs for homes. In fact every booth/banquette is custom.

Do you have booths in stock ready for pick up or to ship?

Mostly Samples We custom build every order Sometimes we’ll have damaged or incorrect booth but not many.

How do I measure?

We charge by the foot. For example, a corner booth is measured from the corner out both sides. 3 sided same way. We measure the back side of the booth.

Do they need to be fastened to the floor?

No not unless you order an extra high booth against a wall such as 60″ tall back.

Can we store under the seat?

Your booth comes with lots of real wood structure under your seat. There is really not much room nor are they designed to go in and out all the time. Perhaps Emergency canned foods or water.

How long does it take?

Usually 2-4 weeks to build and 1 week shipping.

Will the shipper bring it in the house?

No the included Free Shipping is for curb side. The drivers normally help until they run into steps, gravel, grass, etc.

Do you give quantity discounts for restaurants, designers, architects, and commercial accounts?

Yes. Please give us a call, that’s our specialty.

What are standard measurements?

Standard seat height is 18″ our standard back height is 36″

(from floor to top of booth) However we can build them higher or lower

(fees may apply).

Will you build them less than 36″ for our window ledge?

Yes we can build them shorter or cover the outsideback. Keep in mind that a short back booth maybe uncomfortable.

What about a table?

We are a booth/banquette manufacturer. We don’t manufacturer tables. We can supply large quantities for restaurants. We can also supply table legs.

We also use COM customers own material

Our most popular material is Symphony Classic on our website. The internet is a guide. We will send real samples for you to hold, touch, and enjoy it’s quality.